Edwin Baxter, Licensed Massage Therapist

Edwins Bio Pic

Edwin Baxter, LMT studied massage therapy at Everest College where he graduated with honors in 2016.  He had the great fortune of studying Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu as well as the healing side of the system (Seifukujitsu) which opened up his eyes to a world of restorative care.

Edwin practiced martial arts (Tai Chi/Chigung/Kajukenbo) for five years which set the groundwork for understanding the mind/body/spirit connection in humans. This led to a special interest in working with the body, and its energies, to naturally promote it’s self-healing abilities.  He accomplishes this by helping reduce stress as well as freeing up soft tissue that is bound up from injury or long-term postural imbalances.

Edwin is now accepting new clients who are insured with Kaiser and have massage benefits.

Edwin is currently pursuing additional training in healing arts.